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When you are ready to purchase your property, we make it easy.

We offer owner financing, a satisfaction guarantee and right
now we are offering a special discount for web users!

Follow these easy steps:


Review our Terms and Conditions

  • We provide title insurance through Hogan Title Insurance in the Branson area. We take care of all the paper work, deed recording, revenue stamps, and delivery of the deed to your doorstep. We make it effortless: no meetings to attend, no escrow fees, no points, no origination fees, no waiting and wondering.

  • Your deed is signed over to you when full payment and closing costs have been made — we keep it simple, and you don't have to pay for extra credit checks, bank fees, appraisal fees, etc.

  • There is no early payment penalty — you can pay for your lot in full at any time and get the deed.
Read our HUD Property Report (3.8 Mb PDF file)
Terms and Conditions  (3 Mb PDF file)


Note our Satisfaction Guarantee:

We provide this in writing: If you do not like your land upon visiting, we will exchange your home site for another available home site of similar value at no cost to you.



Check out the owner's financing and see if you qualify:

Low Down-Low Interest-Low Monthly Payments-Instant Credit!
Our owner financing allows you to place only $1,995 down.
We'll carry the loan for you at 9.75% over 7 years.

Closing costs, property taxes, and SID fees for the entire period will be blended into the loan. You will have no other costs except the Homes Association fee of $20.00 per month. To find out if you qualify, simply fill out our financing form and email it back to us. You should know in 48 hours.



Decide on your home site and review available discounts:

Go to our home sites for Sale section, and select your home site. (Note the letter of the area within Branson Mountain Village and the number of the home site.) At this time, you may want to consider reserving and purchasing more than one home site. Purchase home sites adjacent to one another for a friend or family member, or purchase a separate site with an eye toward investment for reselling the home site later.

Right now, we are offering a 20% discount on your second home site if purchase at the same time as your first.
On a typical $19,950 home site, your savings could be up to $3,990!!

Reserve your home site and make a deposit to buy now:

Please ACCEPT my deposit as a HOLD on this property until I can come to Branson Mountain Village and wrap up the details.

First Name:

Last Name:

Address 1

Address 2


State & Zip

Phone Number

Email address

Section - Lot #

Price:      $

Deposit Amount: (must be at least 5% of purchase price, will be held in separate account and is completely refundable)

Send your check or money order to:
Branson Mountain Village
6201 College Blvd. Suite 650
Overland Park, Kansas 66211

Planned date of trip to Branson Mountain Village to finalize purchase:
(must be within 30 days unless you contact us for other arrangements)

One of our representatives will contact you within the next 48 hours
in regards to your purchase. Thank you for your interest.

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